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Rainbow cake

november 10, 2013
Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake

Regenboog cake gemaakt, trots dat hij gelukt is!

Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake


juli 6, 2012

Een geboortetaartje met het ontwerp van het geboortekaartje als kraamcadeautje.

I love cake

juli 6, 2012

Taartjes uit de oude doos

juli 6, 2012

Taartjes uit de oude doos:)


juli 6, 2012

Sprookjesachtige prinsessen om je vingers bij op te eten!

Grand Petit fours

juli 6, 2012

Kleine heerlijke gebakjes van biscuitdeeg, botercreme en soms een lekkere vulling.


Moving on

oktober 4, 2010

Ok, this morning I found out that I misjudged the size of my daughter…. The skirt got stuck halfway up her legs :). Very fast adjustment (because she REALLY wanted to wear it to school today): added a zipper on the side and now it fits…

But for you guys who got the right measurements: Let’s move on!

Step 5: We just stitched the outside skirt and the lining. Now put the lining in the skirt. Pay attention that the skirt is inside out. The good side of the skirt and the good side of the lining should be ‘face to face’. Then you have to make plaids in the skirt and pin them to the lining. The easiest way to do that is pin the 2 sides of the skirt and the lining together and put another pin halfway on the front and halfway on the back. That way you’ll have 4 pins and it’s easier to divide the fabric evenly.

Step 6: Stitch the skirt and the lining. The result:

When you put the skirt the right way up, you’ll see this:

Almost finished!

Step 7: Get an elastic band that’s the right size for the waist and stitch the edges together.

Step 8: Stitch the elastic to the outside skirt. Make sure you put the fabric far enough over the elastic and stretch the elastic while your sewing:

Step 8: Pin the lining to the top of the skirt, make sure it’s covering the elastic. Then stitch it to the top. Again stretch the elastic while sewing. If you like you can add a decorative band while you’re doing this. I added the small pink one.

And you’re done! Great 30 minute skirt! Enjoy the free pattern and if you like, email me your own version of the skirt.


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