Let’s get started

This is the result of 30 minutes of work. I know there are probably better techniques to make a skirt, but frankly I couldn’t care less. I don’t particularly like sewing, I just like creating new ideas. So I’m always looking for the fastest way to make things. Well, that is for things that don’t have to go on sale.

First thing to do (we covered that one already): Choose a skirt you like with an A-line. The one I chose (from my daughter):

Step 1: lay out the fabric, make sure it’s 2 layers:

Step 2: Put the skirt on top and cut out the pattern with a little bit of fabric to spare on each side. Make sure the top is wide enough to fit over your bottom (or in my case, the bottom of my daughter)

Step 3: Choose fabric for the lining and cut out the fabric. The top of the lining should be about as wide as the pattern of the skirt. Most important thing is that it’s quite a bit shorter.

Step 4: Stitch the egdes of the lining together as well as the edges of the skirt. If you like the skirt to last longer than 1 kid, make sure you use a ´zigzag´stitch or a lock machine.

The rest of the instructions will follow this week 🙂



2 gedachtes over “Let’s get started

  1. a) Why a lining? The fabric doesn’t look particularly sheer.

    b) You need either (1) buttons, (2) a zipper, or (3) elastic for the waistband


    I *do* like to sew. Will be making myself a Tudor-era costume for halloween hopefully, complete with French hood.

    1. Hi Judy! Well, the lining is because it´s a balloon skirt, so you´ll either need lining or some other kind of fabric for the inside. And the elastic will turn up in the rest of the instructions :). But today I discovered that despite the elastic I still needed a zipper. My daughter was already sleeping, so I wasn´t able to try it on. And she´s a bit bigger than I thought! So added a zipper this morning….

      I like to make things, just don´t really like all the work that´s involved. I like the ´coming up with new ideas´ part better. But costumes are so cool! I´ve got a bunch in the attic, too bad there´s so few opportunities to wear them. Send me a picture if it´s finished??

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