Red velvet horror…

Halloween, time for a Halloween horror cake!

It’s a red velvet cake recipe with a twist. 

250 ml milk

Tbsp white wine vinegar

225 gr flour

1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp cornstarch

250 gr sugar

2 eggs

200 ml sunflower oil

2 tbsp red food coloring

(This part of the recipe is based on the recipe of Linda Lomelino)

100 gr Philadelphia creamcheese 

100 gr soft curd cheese

3 tbsp blackberry jam
Mix the milk and vinegar and leave it for about half an hour. Mix the dry ingredients together. 

Mix the eggs, food coloring and oil. Add the milk mixture and add the dry ingredients. 

Use two baking pans (20 cm), bake for about 25 min at 175C. I filled one pan for about 2/3 (and let it bake a bit longer) and one pan for 1/3. This way you can easily get a 3 layer cake while using 2 pans. 

For the filling: mix creamcheese, curd cheese and jam together. 

When the cakes have cooled down, assemble the cake and start decorating!



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